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These pages represent the integrated labor of many people over the past 50 plus years. Where appropriate, authors are specifically cited; in other cases the collective labors of many are displayed. Full references for any diagram can be requested. The web site is designed and managed by April Johnson. Gabe Johnson assisted with programming of the web site. Drafting support has been provided by Teresa Hill. The stratigraphic diagrams have benefited from editing by Frank Brown, Kay Behrensmeyer, Craig Feibel, Meave and Louise Leakey, and students from the Turkana Basin Field School. These image source files have been archived for reference.

This site is modeled on a site we are working on with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for Colorado at www.coloradostratigraphy.org. Similar features and approaches will be observed. Your suggestions are welcome.

Strat Chart

This is a generalized portrayal of three depositional episodes (deposdes) that characterize the Turkana Basin.

  • 5-35 MY,  Large half graben
  • 0.7-4.3 MY,  Regional subsidence
  • 0.2MY to today,  Modern basin
  • Boundaries between these intervals are marked by large scale faulting and changes in subsidence patterns.

Paleogeography Maps

The purple boxes on the left side of the chart show paleogeographic maps developed by Craig Feibel and colleagues.

Ancient Paintings

The green boxes on the chart illustrate recreated landscapes through time, painted by Jan Vriesen.


The purple camera icons show photos of several points of interest.

Regional Cross Sections

A set of schematic regional cross sections. Compiled by Bob Raynolds, these incorporate drilling data, published reflection seismic data (both onshore and offshore), and surface mapping.

Detailed Cross Sections

The Karari Ridge section was compiled from the Iowa State mapping supplemented by work in Area 102 by Craig Feibel and others. The other sections are blow-ups of areas of interest from the regional sections.

Section Composites

These are compilations of the stratigraphy in the Koobi Fora and the Nariokotome areas. These charts were compiled by Bob Raynolds and have had edits and modifications made by Frank Brown and Craig Feibel. They are schematic in nature. The Correlation Diagram is provided to show how the strata on both sides of the lake compare. Shades of brown are subaerial, blue is lacustrine. The middle of the lake remains a mystery.

Geologic Maps

On these index maps we are compiling available geologic maps and their citations. They are categorized into regional, subregional, detailed and dissertations. There is a lot of subjectivity in sorting these and we do it to achieve clarity.  The actual maps are stacked below the index maps with clickable links taking you to each one. This is an on-going labor.

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