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Brown and Fuller

Brown, F.H. & Fuller, C.R., 2008, Stratigraphy and Tephra of the Kibish Formation, southwestern Ethiopia; Journal of Human Evolution, v. 55, p. 366-403.

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Brown: Nachukui

Brown, FH, 2017, Preliminary compiled geologic map of the Nachukui Formation exposures, west of Lake Turkana, Kenya, Unpublished map, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Utah. Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Key and Watkins

Key, R.M., Watkins, R.T., 1988, Geology of the Sabarei area; Report Mines Geol. Dept. Kenya, no. 111, 57 pages.

Morley, C.K., ed., 1999, Geoscience of rift systems: evolution of East Africa; AAPG, Studies in Geology, v. 44, Tulsa, 242 pp.

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Ochieng et. al.

Ochieng, J.O., 1988, Geology of Loiyangalani, Kenya Geological Survey Degree Square 19, Scale: 1:250,000

Map compiled by Geologic Data Systems; 2022

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Walsh & Dodson

Walsh, J. and Dodson, R.G., 1969, Geology of northern Turkana; Geological Survey of Kenya, Report no. 82, 1:500,000 scale map, 42 pages.

Wilkinson, A.F., 1988, Geology of the Allia Bay area; Report Mines & Geol. Dept. Kenya, no. 109 (reconnaissance), 54 pages.