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Brown and Fuller

Brown, F.H. & Fuller, C.R., 2008, Stratigraphy and Tephra of the Kibish Formation, southwestern Ethiopia; Journal of Human Evolution, v. 55, p. 366-403.

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Brown: Nachukui

Compiled by Brown, F., 2017.

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Key and Watkins

Key, R.M., Watkins, R.T., 1988, Geology of the Sabarei area; Report Mines Geol. Dept. Kenya, no. 111, 57 pages.

Morley, C.K., ed., 1999, Geoscience of rift systems: evolution of East Africa; AAPG, Studies in Geology, v. 44, Tulsa, 242 pp.

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Ochieng et. al.

Ochieng, J.O., 1988, Geology of Loiyangalani, Kenya Geological Survey Degree Square 19, Scale: 1:250,000

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Walsh & Dodson

Walsh, J. and Dodson, R.G., 1969, Geology of northern Turkana; Geological Survey of Kenya, Report no. 82, 1:500,000 scale map, 42 pages.

Wilkinson, A.F., 1988, Geology of the Allia Bay area; Report Mines & Geol. Dept. Kenya, no. 109 (reconnaissance), 54 pages.